High Thermal Conductivity Diving Heater

The high thermal conductivity diving heater (including L type) subverts the installation and application scenes of traditional electric heaters in the aluminum industry. It has many advantages, such as small size, high power, high efficiency, long life and easy maintenance, which solves the difficulties and demands of the electric heating in the field of aluminum industry.
Small sizes and High power. Diameter of silicon nitride protection tube: Φ38-68mm; Heating power: 3.5KW-28KW.
Because it is filled with high thermal conductivity material, its heating efficiency is as high as 99%. Compared with the traditional electric heater, it can help customer to save the electricity by 30%-50% , and its service life is greatly extended;
This heater is very convenient to install and maintain,meanwhile it keeps high mechanical strength when temperature rises quickly, and it will be much safer to be used in the vacuum burning & baking industrial furnace.



SG-28, a new silicon nitride material for the aluminum industry developed by us, its thermal and mechanical properties have been significantly improved over similar products, especially our L-type high thermal conductivity diving heater R&D based on SG-28, it will bring revolutionary progress to the aluminum industry equipment.



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