High thermal conductivity submerged heater

High thermal conductivity submersible heaters (including L-type) subvert the installation and application scenarios of traditional electric heaters in the aluminum industry. Its characteristics are: small size, high power, high efficiency, long life, and easy maintenance. It solves the problem of electric heating in aluminum industry. The pain points and difficulties in the field for a long time.

The heater is small in size and high in power, the size of the silicon nitride sheath is ∮38-68㎜, and the heating power covers 3.5-28KW;

Because the heater is filled with high thermal conductivity materials, the heating efficiency is as high as 99%. Compared with traditional electric heaters, it can save electricity by 30%-50%, and its service life is greatly extended;

Installation and maintenance are very convenient, and allow rapid heating and use in air-fired ovens, making it safer to use.





The new silicon nitride material "SG-28" developed by "Silicon Poly" for the aluminum industry has significantly improved thermal and mechanical properties than similar products. On this basis, the "L-shaped high thermal conductivity submerged heating "Appliance" will bring revolutionary progress to aluminum industrial equipment.



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