Zhejiang Shangguijuli Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. won numerous accolades at the 18th China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition


Zhejiang Shangguijuli Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. gained wide attention at the 18th China International Aluminium Industry Exhibition recently by virtue of four innovative materials developed independently. Among them, O 'Theron ceramics, LG-8 foam ceramic gas-fired heating launder, HTA highly reliable integrated electric heater and silicon nitride aluminum liquid pump attracted the attention of many professional visitors. The unique performance of these four products indicates a new trend in material technology development, which is of great significance for the development of the aluminum industry.

O 'Theron ceramic is an epoch-making new ceramic material, which can be used in high temperature and corrosive environments. Its performance is similar to that of Boron nitride. It can replace traditional graphite and become an ideal high-temperature anti-corrosion material.

LG-8泡沫陶瓷燃气加热流槽则利用多孔介质燃烧技术实现高效节能、环保的铝液加热。LG-8 foam ceramic gas heating launder uses Porous medium combustion technology to realize high-efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly aluminum liquid heating.

HTA highly reliable integrated electric heater can be used in various scenarios, with longer lifespan and higher power compared to traditional silicon carbide rod heaters.

The emergence of fully nitrided silicon aluminum liquid pump is expected to solve the problem of aluminum liquid transportation.

The new products exhibited by Shangguijuli fully demonstrate the company's strong technical strength and continuous innovation ability in the field of special ceramic materials. The launch of related products will also bring higher quality solutions to our customers and assist in the sustainable development of the aluminum industry. Shangguijuli stated that in the future, it will continue to increase investment in the research and development of new materials, providing the industry with more high-performance and highly reliable products.



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