Excellent mechanical properties of silicon nitride ceramic cylinder liners | High compressive strength


Silicon nitride has wear resistance and heat resistance, and is used as a steam nozzle. After operating at 800 ℃ for half a year, there is no obvious damage. Other heat resistant alloy nozzles can only be used for 1-2 months under the same conditions. In addition, crushing blades made of silicon nitride materials are widely used in food processing, which can minimize contamination of food by impurities. The durability of the blades is also relatively good.


Image provided by Hangzhou Haihe Precision Ceramics

Characteristics of silicon nitride ceramics

In the Si3N4 structure β- Si3N4 has 6 Si atoms and 8 N atoms in one crystal cell. Wherein three Si atoms and four N atoms are on the same plane, and the other three Si atoms and four N atoms correspond to the first layer on the higher plane β- For Si3N4, α- The cell parameters of Si3N4 have little change, but they have approximately doubled in the C-axis direction, and they also contain 3% oxygen atoms and many silicon vacancies. Therefore, the stability of the system is poor.

The oxidation resistance temperature of silicon nitride can reach 1400 ℃, and it can be used up to 1870 ℃ in a reducing atmosphere. It is not wet for metals (especially AL liquid), especially non-metals. Silicon nitride ceramics have chemical corrosion resistance, which can withstand almost all inorganic acids and less than 30% caustic soda solution, as well as many organic acids.

Silicon nitride ceramics can recover transition elements (see Transition Elements), metal oxides, lead monoxide, active zinc oxide, and tin dioxide above 600 ℃, and release nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide.



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