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Company Profile

Zhejiang Shangsi Juli Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on providing various high-end ceramic material solutions for the global aluminum processing industry.

Relying on a technical team with decades of experience in the field of advanced ceramic materials, Zhejiang Shangsi Lili Special Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of material technology. The metal aluminum processing industry has become a metal smelting and processing category with unique requirements for materials due to the strong gold properties and corrosiveness of molten aluminum. The so-called "one generation of materials and equipment" is a very true and appropriate description of the centennial development history of the aluminum processing industry.


A New Silicon Nitride Material "SG-28"

Its thermal and mechanical properties have been significantly improved compared to similar products, and the "L type high thermal conductivity submersible heater" developed on this basis will bring revolutionary progress to the aluminum industry equipment.

"Shangsi" brand currently has five series of products, including SG-28 silicon nitride ceramics, TITAN-3 aluminum titanate ceramics, A-99 high purity corundum heat storage balls, HTE high thermal conductivity immersion electric heaters, and TL-2 maintenance-free ceramic lined launchers. These products are in a leading position in the domestic and foreign markets.

Providing high-quality ceramic material solutions for the global aluminum processing industry has become the long-term mission of "Shangsi Cohesion". We will continue to develop and produce more advanced ceramic materials for the aluminum processing industry, and become a lifelong partner in the global aluminum processing industry!


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