Zhejiang Shanggui Juli Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic backbone manufacturer specializing in the development and production of high-performance silicon nitride ceramic materials. The company has leading silicon nitride ceramic production technology and precision processing technology, and is committed to providing advanced equipment at home and abroad. , New energy, electric vehicles, aerospace and other fields to provide professional and thoughtful silicon nitride material solutions. The new silicon nitride material SG-28 developed by Silicon Poly for the aluminum industry has significantly improved thermal and mechanical properties than similar products. On this basis, the L-shaped high thermal conductivity submerged heating Appliance will bring revolutionary progress to aluminum industrial equipment. ...

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氮化硅材料的9大产品性质 一、组成和结构 氮化硅分子式为Si3N4,属于共价键结合的化合物,氮化硅陶瓷属多晶材料,晶体结构属六方晶系,...[2021-05-20]

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第十五届中国国际压铸会议暨展览会/2020中国有色合金及特种铸造展览会 浙江上硅聚力特材科技有限公司 展位号 : N2B15 我司 携重磅产品诚...[2021-05-20]

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