Zhejiang Shangguijuli Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a leadingmanufacturer specializing in RD and production of high-performance silicon nitride ceramic materialin China. With the advanced production process of silicon nitride ceramic and precision machining technology, we provide professional and most suitablesolutionof silicon nitride materialfor customersin the field of advanced equipment,new energy, electric vehicles, aerospace etc. SG-28, a new silicon nitride materialfor the aluminum industry developed by us, its thermal and mechanical properties have been significantly improved over similarproducts, especially our L-type high thermal conductivity diving heater RD basedon SG-28, it will bring revolutionary progress to the aluminum industry equipment. ...

The 15th China International Die Casting booth no:

The 15th China International Die Casting Conference and Exhibition/2020 China Nonferrous Alloys and Special Casting Exhibition Zhejiang Shangguijuli Special Material Technolog...[2020-07-18]

Description of nine product properties of silicon n

The molecular formula of silicon nitride is Si3N4, which is a covalently bonded compound. Silicon nitride ceramics are polycrystalline materials, and the crystal structure belongs...[2020-07-16]

What is silicon nitride ceramic material

Silicon nitride is an important structural ceramic material. It is a super-hard substance, which has lubricity and wear resistance, and is an atomic crystal; it is resistant to oxid...[2020-07-16]

Cooperation project discussing with the silicon ins

The leaders of Shanghai Institute of Silicon Science visited the company to discuss cooperation projects ...[2020-07-16]